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The Darbuka Mastery Levels

Achieve your dreams of Darbuka success with our flagship Darbuka course, the Darbuka Mastery Program. This is a world leading course that gives the Darbuka player all the skills they need to ascend to the level of Darbuka Mastery. Created by Gawharet El Fan. Taught and delivered by Ibraheem Malik.

Building Strong Foundations

Master the basics of how to play the Darbuka, and start building excellent technique with some of the most famous and popular rhythms ever.


Excellence in Performance

Ready yourself for performance by diving into the world of Darbuka Ornamentation. Gain the skills to turn any rhythm into a Darbuka Masterpiece.


Mastery & Beyond

Hone your skills with advanced techniques such as soloing and Turkish split hand, through advanced ornamentation. Transcend mastery.


World Class Instruction From The Comfort Of Your Home


Using our immersive learning platform and our expert teachers, you will benefit from a world-class Darbuka education that would otherwise be extremely difficult to find in the Western world. 

This program makes learning Darbuka easy and convenient. You can access the program from your phone, tablet or laptop and your mentor will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have. 

Rhythm Packs

Add 100 amazing rhythms to your repertoire with our incredible Rhythm Packs. Each Rhythm Pack includes easy to read drum tabs and play along audios. 

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If you'd like to speak to someone from our team to find out if the Darbuka Mastery Program is right for you, schedule a callback and one of our mentors will get in touch. You can ask any questions you have about the Program, and find out which level would be best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Darbuka is a fantastic percussive instrument that is considered a staple of so many musical genres, especially in Arabic, Turkish and South-East Asian regions. 

Become part of a centuries old tradition of fantastic percussionists by undertaking some serious study into the Darbuka with Gawharet El Fan in the Darbuka Mastery Program. 

Gawharet El Fan are dedicated to providing one thing above all else:


Our mentality, our ethos and our way of being revolves around providing excellent quality for our customers and our community. Our London based team aim to bring the world not only high quality instruments, but also the ability to learn these instruments to a professional standard. Put simply, we don't mess around.

When you choose to study with Gawharet El Fan you should be confident that you are undertaking a course that has been written with the end-user in mind, and is specifically designed to provide the most effective and efficient learning experience for the aspiring student. As such, all of our videos are recorded in excellent quality, our content is of a truly professional and world class standard, and our student experience is... excellent. 

The Darbuka Mastery Program is an all inclusive program that builds from the ground up, from the complete basic foundations, right up to mastery level. Every level has been thoroughly researched in order to deliver a deep and inclusive learning experience that provides the student everything that he or she needs to reach mastery level. Not many courses available on the market today offer this. 

Anyone who has bought a Darbuka from Gawharet El Fan directly (via our official website) is entitled to a 50% discount on all course fees. To find out how, click here.

If you don't have a Darbuka, we've got you covered! Gawharet El Fan are one of the world's largest Darbuka retailers and we have plenty of Darbuka models for you to choose from. Check out our store to find out more. 

The full program can take anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime, dependant on your dedication and commitment to your training. If you practice an hour a day, you will likely be a good enough Darbuka player within a year to call yourself an experienced player, however most people tend not to practice for an hour a day and as such it can take longer. Level 1 can be completed fairly quickly, within a couple of months. Level 2 might take around 6-9 months of practice to fully master, and Level 3 may take many years to fully command. We wouldn't recommend taking Level 3 before gaining at least of year of experience at the Level 2 standard.

Most students will only need to take the first two levels in order to reach a level of playing that they are comfortable with. At the end of Level 2: Excellence in Performance, you will be able to perform in a wide range of scenarios and circumstances, and will easily be capable of holding your own as a Darbuka player in a band, group or orchestra. Only students who wish to really become top Darbuka players, and be able to call themselves masters, should take Level 3. 

The Darbuka Mastery Program is a culmination of years of experience and learning, and it took a number of months for the Gawharet El Fan team to design.

It is our flagship Darbuka course, and a world-class opportunity for you to learn all aspects of Darbuka playing and performance. 

Rest assured, it's pretty thorough :)

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