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Level 1

Building Strong Foundations

Master the basics of how to play the Darbuka, and start building excellent technique with some of the most famous and popular rhythms ever.

Practical content:

  • Holding the Darbuka
  • Basic Darbuka strokes (the Doum, Tek and Ka)
  • Reading and understanding drum tabs
  • Basic ornamentation, making rhythms more exciting
  • Detailed introduction to the Maqsum family of rhythms (incl. Maqsum, Sa'idi and Baladi)
  • Switching between rhythms and using a metronome to practice

Theoretical content:

  • Origins & structure of the Darbuka
  • Choosing a good Darbuka
  • Caring for your Darbuka and keeping it in tune
  • Guide to clay Darbukas

Includes Rhythm Pack 1

Rhythm Pack 1 contains 50 variations of some of the most popular Arabic Darbuka rhythms ever.

Who is it for?

Level 1 is for beginners players who have had zero or very litttle prior exposure to the Darbuka. 

Price: $198 (discounts and payment plans available)


Level 2

Excellence in Performance

Ready yourself for performance by diving into the world of Darbuka Ornamentation. Gain the skills to turn any rhythm into a Darbuka Masterpiece.

Practical content:

  • Introduction to ornamentation
  • Advanced Darbuka strokes:
    • The Pac
    • The Glissando
    • The Rizz
    • The Bridge
  • Advanced Darbuka ornaments:
    • Modulations
    • Omissions
    • Rhythm entries
    • Rhythm exits

Theoretical content:

  • Choosing Darbuka rhythms
  • Basic soloing
  • Playing with music
  • Playing with performers
  • Playing with other drummers
  • Confidence in performance

Includes Rhythm Pack 2

Rhythm Pack 2 contains 50 popular Darbuka rhythms from different regions around the world.

Who is it for?

Level 2 is for current intermediate Darbuka players, who can hold a rhythm like Maqsum or Ayub with confidence and ease. 

Price: $248 (discounts and payment plans available)


Level 3

Mastery. & Beyond

Hone your skills by developing advanced techniques such as soloing and Turkish split hand, through advanced ornamentation. Transcend mastery.

Practical content:

  • Finger style playing:
    • The Arabic roll
    • The finger flick
    • Triplets
    • The flam
    • The Turkish roll
    • Middle skin rolls
  • Soloing:
    • Generic compositions
    • Specific compositions
    • Dealing with role-shift

Theoretical content:

  • History of Turkish split-hand
  • Notable Darbuka masters of old
  • Understanding role-shift in solo compositions
  • Overlaps of percussive traditions from around the world

Builds on Rhythm Packs 1 & 2

Level 3 takes the first two Rhythm Packs and upgrades them, giving you a repertoire of incredibly advanced rhythms.

Who is it for?

Level 3 is for Darbuka players who are already playing at an intermediate-advanced level, perhaps in a band.

Price: $298 (discounts and payment plans available)


Need Help Deciding?

If you'd like to speak to someone from our team to find out if the Darbuka Mastery Program is right for you, schedule a callback and one of our mentors will get in touch. You can ask any questions you have about the Program, and find out which level would be best for you!