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We offer a 50% discount on the Darbuka Mastery Program to a wide range of eligible students. Check if you meet any of the discount criteria below.

Customer Discount

Anyone who has purchased a Gawharet El Fan Darbuka is eligible for a 50% discount on course fees.

In order to qualify, you must have purchased your Gawharet El Fan Darbuka from:

  • Our official website
  • An official retailer
  • Amazon
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Student Discount

We offer a 50% discount to anyone currently holding student status at an official institution.

In order to qualify, you must actively be a student in an official institution of whatever country you are based in. 

You must attach a student ID card or other confirmation of your student status to your submission form to be considered. 

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Hardship Discount

Anyone struggling financially in any way may apply for a discretionary discount of between 20% and 100%.

In order to qualify, you must use the additional comments section of the discount application form to give a reason for your application to the Hardship Discount. We are able to offer anywhere between 20% and 100% off the course fees. 

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