Darbuka Mastery Level 3: Mastery & Beyond


Develop Master level Darbuka skills and learn advanced techniques such as Soloing and Turkish Split-Hand technique. Become a Darbuka Master.

Course Content

Main Lessons

  1. Introduction to Advanced Ornamentation
  2. Arabic Rolls 1
  3. Arabic Rolls 2
  4. Finger Flicks
  5. Introduction to Turkish Style
  6. Turkish Rolls 1
  7. Turkish Rolls 2
  8. Middle Skin Rolls
  9. Generic Solo Compositions
  10. Specific Solo Compositions
  11. Dealing with Role Shift
  12. Putting it All Together

Supplementary Lessons

  1. History of Turkish split-hand
  2. Notable Darbuka masters of old
  3. Understanding role-shift in solo compositions
  4. Overlaps of percussive traditions from around the world

Additional Benefits

Both Practical and Theoritcal Lessons

The goal of the Darbuka Mastery Program is not to produce just a good Darbuka player, but a well-rounded Darbuka Master. As such, we include numerous theory lessons throughout the program so that you really understand the instrument that you are playing and develop a strong connection to it.

Access to our Rhythm Packs

Our Rhythm Packs are full of fantastic Darbuka rhythms that are denoted using easy to read Drum Tabs, enabling any Darbuka player to add a great number of rhythms to his or her repertoire. This Level contains Rhythm Pack 1, which includes over 50 variations of popular Darbuka rhythms from the Arab world!

Course Key Features


This is no ordinary Darbuka course.

You will have access to the following resources to help you in your learning: 

  • 12 instructive lessons on Darbuka Technique (recorded in 4K quality)
  • 4 supplementary lessons on caring for and maintaining your Darbuka (recorded in 4K quality)
  • An assigned mentor to keep you on track, check in regularly with you and assess your Technique Review submissions
  • An electronic copy of the Darbuka Mastery 3: Mastery & Beyond book
  • Access to our forum to give you the opportunity to have any question you have answered by a Darbuka Expert at Gawharet El Fan
  • Printable handouts at the end of every lesson to help you practice the content that was covered
  • Play-along audios included in every lesson to allow you to practice the content that was covered
  • Short practice tests after every lesson to allow you to consolidate content that was covered
  • A signed certificate that will be posted to your address on completion of all lessons, assessments and final technique review.

Engage With Us

Forum Access

By taking this course you will have the support of the Gawharet El Fan team to help you along in your Darbuka journey. Ask any questions you have in our form and one of our team will post an official answer!

Technique Review Service

Our Technique Review service is an unparalleled resource that allows you to submit a short video for review by your assigned mentor, who will then provide feedback as to what exactly you need to do to improve!

Who is This Level For?

Level 3: Mastery & Beyond, is designed for the advanced Darbuka player who can already play Darbuka to a very high level. The student should be able to use ornaments such as the Mahbous, bridges, modulations and omissions in their playing, and should be able to confidently hold their own in a performance setting, such as playing in a band. This level will be taught by a Grand Master and as such will include highly advanced Darbuka techniques that only a solo Darbuka player would need to perform at a very high level. 

If you are not already at this level, you should consider one of the previous levels

Entry Requirements:

  • Option 1: You have achieved the Darbuka Master rank by completing the Darbuka Master's Gateway.
  • Option 2: Submit an alternative entry application, in which you will have a 15 minute call with a Grand Master and be required to submit a 2 minute video of you playing the Darbuka.


Aisha Malick

I have been studying the Darbuka Mastery Program for a few months now, and I am very impressed by how well it is put together and organised. Ibraheem Malik presents the learning in a very easy to understand manner and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. At last, an awesome Darbuka course in the English language!

Sam Tucker

The Darbuka Mastery Program... unrivalled on the market, unsurpassed in it's depth and unsurprisingly fantastic. I wouldn't expect anything less from Gawharet El Fan. These guys know how to deliver, and I appreciate that. I'm glad to be part of the Gawharet El Fan community. 

What Sets the Darbuka Mastery Program Apart?

The Darbuka Mastery Program is a one of a kind Darbuka course.

This kind of course cannot be found anywhere on the internet. A team of Darbuka players, experts and teachers from across London and Cairo teamed up to bring the Program to the world, and the result is an unrivalled, world-class Darbuka course. 

The Program captures all aspects of playing the Darbuka and being a Darbuka Master, providing a full end-to-end education in the Darbuka field, something that no other course around offers. The level of detail and depth found in the Program is truly incredible. 

Become a Darbuka Master, get access to the best teachers in the world, from the comfort of your own home. We guarantee that you'll love the Program, or you'll get your money back. 

You Have Zero Risk With Our Refund Policy

Our mission is to do whatever we can to help you become a Darbuka Master. That’s why we offer the easiest 30-Day Money Back Guarantee you will ever find.

Sign up for the Darbuka Mastery Program to get access to the most comprehensive online training on the Darbuka market, not to mention with some of the best teachers around.

However, if for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with the Darbuka Mastery Program, just let us know. We’ll give you a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked!

All it takes is one short phone call or email to get your money back.

Experience Mentorship

You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through the program. You will be able to:

  • Schedule an intro, mid-point and final call with your mentor
  • Message your mentor at any time to ask questions about the Program
  • Submit Technique Reviews after each practical lesson and get feedback from your mentor

Claim a Discount

Customer Discount

Anyone who has purchased a Gawharet El Fan Darbuka is eligible for a 50% discount on course fees. 

Student Discount

We offer a 50% discount to anyone currently holding student status at an official institution. 

Hardship Discount

Struggling financially? Apply for a discretionary discount of between 20% and 100% off the course fees!

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Single Payment


Level 3: Mastery & Beyond

  • Access to all theoretical and practical lessons
  • An assigned mentor
  • Copy of eBook
  • Access to our forum
  • Signed certificate posted on completion

If you meet any of our discount criteria, you may be eligible for a discount. Find out more.


4 Monthly Payments


Level 3: Mastery & Beyond

  • Access to all theoretical and practical lessons
  • An assigned mentor
  • Copy of eBook
  • Access to our forum
  • Signed certificate posted on completion

If you meet any of our discount criteria, you may be eligible for a discount. Find out more.


Need Help Deciding?

If you'd like to speak to someone from our team to find out if the Darbuka Mastery Program is right for you, schedule a callback and one of our mentors will get in touch. You can ask any questions you have about the Program, and find out which level would be best for you!