Rhythm Packs

Add 100 amazing rhythms to your repertoire with our incredible Rhythm Packs. Each Rhythm Pack includes easy to read drum tabs and play along audios.

Rhythm Pack Benefits

Play Along Audios

Each rhythm will have an audio recording to which you can practice, to ensure you are playing each rhythm correctly.

International Rhythms

The Rhythm Packs don't just include Arabic rhythms, but rather they include rhythms from around the world. 

Rhythm Variations

To help you master a complicated rhythm, Rhythm Pack 1 includes progressively difficult variations so you can build your technique.

Drum Tabs

Each rhythm is presented in an easy to read drum tab so you can visualise the rhythm clearly if you can't read sheet music. 

What's Included?

During our first two Darbuka Mastery levels, you will gain access to:

  • Rhythm Pack 1
    • A compilation of 50 rhythm variations from the most popular Arabic rhythm families
    • Progressive difficulty variations to enable you to build up to a complicated rhythm
  • Rhythm Pack 2
    • A compilation of 50 of the most popular international Darbuka rhythms from around the world
    • Only one or two variations of each rhythm given so that you can experience as many different rhythms as possible


Level 3 content will build off the rhythms from the first Rhythm Packs, but regular masterclasses will be held in which new and exciting rhythms will be taught.

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